Transatlantic Program alumni elect a president of their class for the Alumni Network, who will work closely with the program organizers to:

Arrange regular events, like an annual alumni reunion
Compile content for GACC Midwest’s regular newsletter
Run an online forum for networking and keeping in touch

Meet the Council of TAP + TAP-YTL Delegation Presidents:

Matt Bigelow, OH TAP 2005

Eric Bartling, WI TAP 2006

Laura Harvey, LA TAP 2007

Anais Flores, OH TAP 2008

Eleanor Vaughan TAP 2009

Sharon Weiner, IL 2010 TAP-YTL: Sustainable Architecture & Urban Planning

Walter Teele 2011 TAP-YTL: Logistics & Transportation

Lauren Weinrich 2011 TAP-YTL: Water Management

Jeremy Goldstein 2012 TAP-YTL: Intelligent Transportation Communication Systems

Chelsea Georgesen 2012 TAP-YTL: Healthcare Delivery & Medical Technology

Caroline Richards 2013 TAP-YTL: Sustainable Manufacturing

Lovejeet Sidhu 2013 TAP-YTL: Automotive R&D

E. Lara Lash 2014 TAP-YTL: Aerospace Engineering & Aviation Technologies

Eric Veium 2014 TAP-YTL: Smart Grid & Energy Storage

TAP Communications Chair
The position was created in Fall of 2010 to better meet the enhanced communication opportunities with the TAP website and Social Media. The Communications Chair supports GACCoM with the program’s presentation on the TAP website and on Facebook, supports and further develops marketing efforts to reach out to future potential TAP-YTL participants and helps developing the Alumni platform. This position will have to be confirmed by vote at each Alumni Reunion, starting with the 2012 Reunion. For the 2010-2011 term, the TAP and TAP-YTL Co-Presidents validated the creation of the position and the election of the current Chairperson.

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