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European Recovery Program

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Transatlantic Program for Young Technology Leaders (TAP-YTL)

The Transatlantic Program for Young Technology Leaders (TAP-YTL) brings promising young professionals and students to Germany to promote knowledge exchange through content-driven encounters and experiences with experts in their field. The biannual program is financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy through the European Recovery Program (also known as the Marshall Plan) and operates under the patronage of the German Ambassador to the United States. 

Each TAP-YTL delegation consists of a series of in-depth meetings with leading companies and institutions during an intensive, 8-day delegation trip throughout Germany. Every delegation is unique and strategically tailored to provide exclusive insight into the industry it is exploring. In addition to meetings and presentations with key industry players, each trip includes intercultural communication training and activities that expose participants to various aspects of modern Germany.


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Alumni Impressions

"My TAP-YTL experience was greater than my most ambitious expectations. In 8 days, I forged the kind of lasting relationships that one would expect only after months or years of shared experience. Furthermore, the incredible insight I gained towards Germany's sustainable manufacturing practices could not be recreated through any other opportunities, anywhere."

Michael Jochum

2013 TAP-YTL: Sustainable Manufacturing